What Does it Really Mean to Have a Passion?

Passion is defined as “a strong liking or desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept.” This last month, I have been trying to plan out my future and figure out what company or job I want. When I discuss my career with my family, friends, and professors the question that always comes up is “what is your passion?”

This question bothers me every time because for the past month I’ve digging to find my passion…. and it has been a challenge. I spent weeks brainstorming what my passion is by asking myself what I was passionate about as a young child, which was creativity and design. My dream jobs were either a hairdresser or an interior designer. So, I asked myself “am I passionate about creativity and design now?” The answer was no, which led me to more confusion. I realized I needed to find out what I’m passionate about now. But, a bigger question came to my head “does this mean my passion will change multiple times in my life?”  This question scared me because if my passion changes, then is there no such thing as having that forever dream job?

While I was stuck in all of this confusion, a friend of mine sent me this TEDx video with Terri Trespicio called “Stop Searching for your Passion.” This video opened my eyes and I realized that searching for the “perfect” career that I would be so passionate about was easier than I thought. I was over complicating things for myself. For those of you who are feeling these same, I thought I’d share these three key lessons that resonated with me from the video.

Your Passion will Change Multiple Times in Your Life

When people ask you what your passion is, tell them what you’re currently passionate about now. It’s probably going to change at some point and that’s normal. Most people change jobs or professions at least once in their life. Think of how many different jobs you have had already!

Be Curious

Think outside of the box and discover other jobs or careers. Don’t just look at what’s been handed to you. Discover other opportunities, get out of your comfort zone, and always have a willingness to learn and try new things. After graduation, we all feel lost and unsure. It’s better to feel lost and unsure, then definite in a job or company you want to work for. Why do I say this? When you are feeling lost and unsure, you are also curious, which leads to discovery. You will eventually discover that dream job or company at some point.

A Job is Like a Relationship

A job that you are unhappy doing is the same thing as being in an unhealthy relationship, and vice versa. Job hunting is the same thing as searching for a girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s like those famous words your family or friends tell you when you’re at a roadblock in your dating life: “you will find the right person when you stop searching.” Sounds familiar, right? Some of you may get that dream job offer right after graduation and then realize the job wasn’t what you thought it was. Don’t linger around in the wrong job if it makes you unhappy, it’s the same thing as staying in a relationship with the wrong person. It may take you a few tries…or more to find that job you truly love.

What Does Passion Mean?

What I learned after all of this time is a passion is a feeling. But, as we know feelings can change…a lot. If this is the case, then your bound to change your career at least once in your life. Three words I live by during frustrating times like these are patience, persistence, and perseverance. It’ll all come together with time.